3CCD Camera System
The DSR-PD170 incorporates three 1/3-inch type CCDs, each with 380,000 pixels, and the DSR-PD170P incorporates three 1/3-inch type CCDs, each with 450,000 pixels. The 1/3-inch size CCDs contribute to the high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio. These CCDs are capable of interlace scan to acquire moving images and progressive*2 scan to capture still images. *2 Moving images cannot be acquired in the progressive scan mode.

Advanced HAD™ Technology
Advanced HAD technology reduces fixed pattern noise and vertical smear, thus allowing the camera to achieve a high sensitivity and excellent signal to noise ratio.

Low Light Shooting
The minimum illumination has been improved from 2lx for the DSR-PD150/PD150P to 1lx thanks to the use of an enhanced noisereduction process.

Optical 12x Zoom Lens
The optical 12x zoom lens*3 allows the DSR-PD170 to maintain picture quality even at high zoom ratios.

Optical Super SteadyShot™ System
The DSR-PD170 employs the Super SteadyShot system, in which horizontal and vertical movements are detected independently by the sensors. The prism system located behind the lens adjusts and optically compensates for unsteady camera handling, while maintaining image quality.

Large 180,000-dot LCD Precision Black & White Viewfinder
The 0.44-inch*4 type black and white LCD viewfinder provides 500 lines of horizontal resolution. In addition, a large-sized eyecup is used, and the window size of the magnifier has also been enlarged. This allows easier focusing and more comfortable use of the viewfinder. *4 Viewable area, measured diagonally

16:9 Widescreen Acquisition Mode
The DSR-PD170 is capable of widescreen 16:9 acquisition image capturing (video only), producing true 16:9 images. This is different from the letterboxing view commonly used in many equivalent models.

Canon XL

Digital Video Format (MiniDV)
3CCD Pixel Shift Technology
Super High Resolution and Super Low Light Capability
Interchangeable Lens System
Three Shooting Modes
Magnesium Alloy Body
Multi-View Finder
Programmed Auto Exposure & Full Manual Control
Four Channel Digital Audio System
Lens mount for the new high performance 3x XL Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (3.4mm-10.2mm)
DV-in & DV-out (IEEE1394)