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Adding stage accessories such as stairs, chair stops, safety railing, storage carts, ramps, skirts, curtains, drapery and backdrops will create truly user-friendly and exciting portable stages, band risers and choral risers!

STAGE STAIRS – Built tough and durable with “tip and roll” mobility – complete with dual handrails.

Stairway is 36” wide and each step is 11” deep; available
with non-slip tread coverings of either Black Top or Carpet Top. All stairways attach to stage edge for added safety.

2-step for 16” or 24” stage height
3-step for 24” or 32” stage height
4-step for 32” or 40” stage height
5-step for 40” or 48” stage height


PORTABLE STAGE RAMPS – Provide wheelchair access to your events. Complies with ADA guidelines. Easy setup offering flexibility in configurations using stage back entry or side entry. Will work for lower heights by interchanging
landing platform height and removing ramp/railing sections. Available for 8”, 16”, 24” and 32” stage heights

Surface Options: Black Top and Carpet Top.
Complete with guardrails.

STAGE SKIRTING – Add the final touch for a finished stage. Skirting simply velcros to the stage edge for a fast and easy finish. Available for all stage heights.


STAGE DRAPERY – A front drapery system dresses up
your portable stage and allows behind-the-scenes activity. This system will fit a 24' or 32' stage front. Drapery System consists of front /side valance, 4' front/side stationary curtains and middle pull curtains.
PORTABLE BACK DROPS FOR STAGES – Mounted on castors to roll into place quickly behind the stage or risers. Can be used at floor level or telescope the frame to adjust to the height of your stage always providing 8’ of backdrop. Portable frames are 8'x8'. Double flat fold pleated drapery simply velcros to the top bar for fast and easy set up.
CHAIR STOPS FOR RISERS – Prevent chair legs from sliding off platform edge. Fast & easy setup; simply clamp on to stage edge.

No tools required.

Staging Canadell Choral Risers are designed to give singers the ultimate in comfort.

In a world of narrow, cramped choral risers, Staging Canadell choral risers have widened the playing field. Our choral riser treads are a full 21” deep – that’s 3 full inches deeper than the treads on most of the choral risers on the market today. Singers have room to hold their sheet music properly and even have space to perform a little choreography.

Save setup time – all riser parts are mounted to the stage frame so no tools, assembly or transport dollies are needed!


Choral Riser Features

• Available in 4’ and 6’ models in either straight or tapered Choral Risers – or use a combination of both

• Steps are a full 21” deep at 8”, 16” and 24” elevations (32” elevation available with 4th step addition)

• Easy for one person to set-up, fold and roll away for storage – unit folds out in seconds

• All units have carpet top steps in standard grey; the steps are constructed from 3/4” plywood

• 3” deep attractive, double walled, extruded anodized aluminum edge surrounds each step and overlaps on stage top to protect carpet edge; the edges have a soft silver
satin grey appearance; the aluminum edging makes them much lighter than a steel edge product but just as strong

• All legs are steel powder coated black and have roll away casters that go into place after folding and lifting one end

• Can be used in a variety of configurations using straight and tapered arrangements together

• Optional solid triple back rail available for both 4’ and 6’ Choral Risers

• Fourth Step Addition is available with built-in folding legs; simply clamp on to third step for easy set up

• Compact storage


Staging Canadell Choral Risers are available in a variety of configurations. Our convenient Fourth Step Addition allows you to accommodate more performers in a smaller space. Add security to your performance with optional back railing.